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Uwe Löllmann  -  FEUERZEICHEN
Keramik aus dem Holzbrand

taubenturm.gif (183374 Byte) About an exhibition at the Taubenturm in Dießen am Ammersee in Mai 2002 during  the  Dießener Töpfertage (potters market). you don't know it yet, but I will come with you..
platteturm.jpg (84786 Byte)

Having read about his exhibition on Uwe Loellmanns Site, we decided to pay the artist and his work a visit. Our plan was to first see the exhibition and go to the potters market afterwards. Wise decision!
I strongly doubt we would have had any strength left to climb those steep tracks in that old tower after strolling over the market. To think that the artist from the  Kapellenhof had to go up and down stairs, carrying sideboards for the exhibits and the objects themselves, some huge crates and plates among them! Hat's off!

behaelterturm1.gif (226181 Byte)

The tower belonged to the former cloister. Its church sure deserves longer attention. Johann Michael Fischer, François Cuvilliers, the Feichtmayer brothers, just a few of the artist who worked on that  baroque Masterpiece.

Festive High Mass ringing welcomed us. Uwe Löllmann and his helpers were still busy putting the objects in right place and light. We had an idea about what to expect,  the informations on the potters Web Site had been very useful. What we were not prepared for, was the warm and friendly way the artist welcomed his visitors and spoke about his work. 

behaelterturm2.gif (402939 Byte)
vitrineturm.gif (312878 Byte)

The exhibitition was located in the three rooms, one on top of the other, of the tower. In the uppermost of them visitors could watch a  video showing the work routine of the studio and, highlights, the firing days, waiting for the kiln to cool down and the unloading, discovering the objects anew after their fire exposure. Great job, that video! 

After watching the video, down to the exposed work. Holding the objects in our hands was quite an experience. Having a closer look at the pieces, the just seen video still present in memory, this was out of the ordinary. Especially as their creator  was present, ready to give explanations and to talk about his feelings while working, unloading and rediscovering his objects.

truheturm.gif (631116 Byte)
Watching the multiple facets of the ash glaze, the many fascinating colors left behind from the Fire Element... On his Site, I had read about Uwe Loellmanns affinity for the japanese Anagama tradition. Here were the results of those ancient techniques adapted by an European artist. Respect and humbleness before the Creation and all of its Elements, this could be felt in every single object... This visit will remain a precious moment to keep in memory.
vitrineturm2.gif (284603 Byte)
Loaded with two "booty" pieces we left the tower and went to the Potters Market at the lakeside. One big crush around the many stands. A surge of thousands of people, children build towers out of small tiles, the folklore group sells home made pastries, brass-band alternates with ecuadorian flutes, a bright sun shines, a passenger ship arrives at the berth, more people to the crowd, jugs, vases, cups, pans, pots, objects presented by  potters from Germany, Austria, Danmark, Great Brittain, France, Hungary, Switzerland  and, trapped right in the middle of it, the two of us, exhausted. 
Many interesting pieces to be seen, but nothing that came near to what we  just had  seen by Uwe Loellmann.


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